We are
Electronic Logistics.

The name says it all: we are a logistics expert in the field of electronics. But that's not all. Electronic Logistics handles the transport of electronic goods and the distribution of goods susceptible to damage or theft. In short, we make sure that every high-value item arrives safely and securely at its intended destination . We can meet all your warehousing needs, such as storage and distribution to wholesalers, retailers or consumers.

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fulfilment partner.

  • Receipt of goods
  • Storage of goods
  • Returns processing
  • Inbound and outbound supply chain processing
  • Transfer to carriers
  • Electronic feedback to online stores
  • Processed order and stock reporting
  • Wecycle removal
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Distribution is our passion.

  • Business to business
  • Business to customer

Business to business

Business to business is at the core of what Electronic Logistics does.

In the simplest terms: we deliver goods to wholesalers, distribution centres, retailers and businesses in panel vans, box trucks and trailers fitted with maximum security, such as anti-theft locks and tailgate locks. How we do it?

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Business to customer

Electronic Logistics delivers goods right into customers' living rooms— or wherever else needed!

If necessary, our skilled experts can also install the equipment. How we do it: Electronic Logistics contacts the recipient. Any customer requirements are discussed during this phone call, and a time and date for delivery are agreed. This ensures that we don't arrive when no one is in or at an inconvenient time.

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A family business.

Electronic Logistics was founded in Zeewolde in 2004. We've been around for a while, and have learned a lot along the way, such as the varying requirements of our clients, to give just one example. They have changed over the years. We maintain a flexible approach to ensure that we never miss a beat.

Jaap and Ria de Greef are our proud founders. George and Niels de Greef took over the business in 2015. We are a family business where everyone contributes a healthy dose of passion, which is reflected in the way we do business and deal with clients.

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Socially engaged.

Values are important to us as a family business. They give us direction.

For example, our staff are our number one priority. We all feel happier when we enjoy our work and feel appreciated for what we do, so we make sure to give our staff exactly that, both personally and in the form of the latest equipment and the right tools. What do we get in return? A smile on our faces and engaged employees.

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