Warehousing in Zeewolde.

Electronic Logistics offers goods storage—or warehousing —for both pallets and loose-loaded items. We can do so in a variety of ways: wide span racking, shelving, pallet racking, block stacking. The options are endless.

Drop shipping reduces the risk of damage, as the goods are loaded and unloaded less often. They are handled less and the lines are shorter. It also reduces personnel costs, as Electronic Logistics takes care of the entire distribution and storage process, from transport to storage of the goods in question.

High-value items and electronic devices require extra attention because they are fragile and often costly. With their specialist knowledge in relation to these products, the professionals at Electronic Logistics expertly and meticulously process every transport or storage request from A to Z.

How we do it?
The purchased goods are registered. The items are collected from the manufacturer or importer and transported to the required location. They can be stored there if necessary. Electronic Logistics can take care of the complete distribution and storage process across the entire logistics chain. We use a reporting tool that provides insight into the size and number of shipments performed from clients to consumers.

The benefits of Electronic Logistics for businesses

  • No extra personnel costs for transport and storage
  • Everything done right the first time, fast response and short lines
  • Electronic Logistics is an expert in transporting fragile electronic items with maximum security
  • Professional, Dutch-speaking employees trained to senior secondary vocational level (MBO) as a minimum